Culture Collections

Gene-edited iPSC lines

DOX-inducible NGN2 expression simplifies and accelerates iPSC neuronal differentiation

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Diversity within the chicken gut

Metagenomic and culture-based analyses provide new insights into the bacterial, archaeal and bacteriophage components of the chicken gut microbiome. This dataset expands known diversity of the chicken gut microbiome, providing a key resource for future taxonomic and functional chicken gut research.

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NCPV Supporting Research

Recent studies from 2021 demonstrate ways in which NCPV viruses can be used in research. Our viruses can be used to fulfil various roles; for example, as the main organism under investigation, as substitute viruses to replace those that require handling at high containment, or as a means of testing sensitivity and specificity in the development and evaluation of diagnostics assays. 

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mcr-2, 3 and 8 gene positive strains now available

The National Collection of Type Cultures has recently enhanced the number of mcr gene variant carrying strains under its curation.

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Why Choose Us?

Public Health England (PHE) is the custodian of four unique collections that consist of expertly preserved, authenticated cell lines and microbial strains of known provenance for use in medical science and laboratory healthcare.

All the collections are developed, managed and maintained by highly trained, dedicated staff who work in accordance with internationally recognised quality standards including certification to ISO 9001:2015.

Cultures from the collections are used by scientists who need to reassure themselves and others that the materials they are using are authentic, so the conclusions to their studies are valid and relevant. This is particularly important where research may lead to peer-reviewed publications, for example, in drug discovery and vaccine efficacy studies. Authenticated reference strains are also of paramount importance for clinical diagnostic testing, food, water and environmental microbiology testing and validation studies.

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ECACC ICON Small size

Cell lines

The European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC) maintains and supplies cell lines and their derivatives such as DNA, RNA and cDNA.



NCTC ICON small size


The National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC) maintains and supplies over 5,000 bacteria and mycoplasma strains.



NCPV ICON small size


The National Collection of Pathogenic Viruses (NCPV) maintains and supplies over 700 viruses and viral nucleic acid.



NCPF ICON small size


The National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi (NCPF) maintains and supplies over 4000 fungal strains.


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