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How to deposit strains with NCPV

The process for depositing virus cultures is relatively simple and requires a dialogue between the depositor and NCPV. This is essential to ensure that relevant biosafety and culture information is captured. The system is deliberately flexible in order for NCPV and end users to meet depositor requirements.

NCPV Depositing Flow Chart IMAGE


Why deposit with us?

You can raise the profile of your peer-reviewed publications by requiring users of your strains to cite your original work, whilst retaining flexible release conditions. 


Before we can receive or collect new deposits NCPV will notify you of acceptance of your virus(es)


Culture Collections staff are here to ensure that the deposit of viruses into our collection is a trouble-free experience.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.



NCPV Virus Deposit Form

Biohazard Risk Assessment Form - Viruses

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