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Upcoming webinar in partnership with Sigma-Aldrich




'Advanced Cell Culture Technology for Generation of In Vivo-like Tissue Models'

with Stefan Przyborski PhD - Professor of Cell Technology, Durham University UK






The benefits of three dimensional (3D) cell culture are widely appreciated.  More cell-based technologies are now becoming available that enable researchers to preserve the native 3D structure of cells in vitro.  These can be broadly divided into three areas: aggregate-based methods; hydrogels and extra-cellular matrices; and inert scaffold-based technologies.  Each has strengths and weaknesses and there is no one technology that satisfies all applications.  Tissues in the body are mostly composed of different cell types that are often highly organized in relation to each other.  Often cells are arranged in distinct layers that enable signaling and cell-to-cell interactions.  Alternatively in tumours, cancer cells form aggregates and tissue masses composed of different cell types.  Recreation of these types of architecture will significantly evolve 3D cell culture to a new level where real tissue-like structures can be generated in vitro.

This webinar will review the alternative approaches available to researchers and provide an overview of their capability and example applications.  More sophisticated models are developing as 3D cell culture technology becomes established and accepted as a means of creating more physiologically relevant cell-based assays.  Methods that are relatively straightforward to use and that recreate the organized structure of real tissues will become valuable research tools for use in discovery, validation studies, and modeling disease.

Key areas covered:

  • 2D vs 3D cell culture debate
  • Review of alternative approaches and the development of new technologies
  • Challenges facing 3D culture methods, in terms of technologies available and methods used
  • Showcase applications where 3D technology makes a difference
  • Future perspective for 3D cell culture technology and further development


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June 2017

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