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Catalogue Deposits – Cell Lines & Hybridomas


Have you developed a new cell line? Have you considered depositing your cell lines with ECACC?

ECACC accepts cell line deposits from both academic and commercial organisations for entry into the General and Hybridoma Cell Collections. We provide a cell banking service to the scientific community and have the expertise and facilities required for the maintenance, storage and distribution of important cultures.

We are constantly striving to improve the range of cell lines available from our cell collections in order to reflect the needs of current life science research. To achieve this we have an active programme in place to encourage scientists to deposit their cell lines into the ECACC collections.


Laboratories which do not have a service function can find handling requests for cell lines an administrative, financial and time-consuming burden. Depositing cell lines with ECACC is free of charge, straight forward and offers many benefits, outlined in the table below.

  • You retain the ownership of your cell lines and their inclusion in the ECACC collection is free of charge
  • Your cell lines are secured for the long term and all associated IP remains your property


Benefits of depositing your cell lines with ECACC
Security and Storage ECACC will expand, bank and characterise your cell line to ensure its integrity is maintained long-term. The banks will be stored in ECACC’s state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen repository with its multiple levels of security and protection.
Authentication and Quality Control The cell line will be unequivocally identified by DNA profiling and tested for microbial contamination, including mycoplasma.
Publication All relevant data will be collated and published using the Culture Collections website and catalogues.
Promotion The cell line(s), with associated data, will be promoted internationally so giving visibility to your research and ensuring recognition and full exploitation of the cell line.
Distribution ECACC will distribute qualified stock in a controlled manner so relieving the depositor of this responsibility and protecting the integrity of the cell line.
Access Depositors will be granted reasonable free access to their cell lines from ECACC stock.
Flexible Release Conditions ECACC is very flexible in imposing release conditions on your cell line deposits should you wish to have more control on who receives your cell lines.


Distribution of Cell Lines

ECACC is a not-for-profit business operating within Public Health England and supporting the aims of this organisation. ECACC does not claim ownership of its cell lines and serves in the role of custodian. Culture Collections Terms and Conditions of Supply specify that cell lines are for research use only.

Depositors can if they wish, restrict distribution of their cell lines and specify that release forms are completed before distribution. Alternatively, in the case of cell lines with potential commercial value, ECACC can establish a framework for securing and licensing the property to create revenues for the inventor/donating organisation. If we receive requests for the commercial use of a cell line, such requests will always be referred back to the depositor.

ECACC also offers separate safe deposit and patent deposit services.


Processing of Your Cell Line Deposits

Upon receipt of a cell line we will create a bank of the new cell line within our quarantine laboratories. Quality control measures are then undertaken including authentication, tests for microbial contamination and determination of the viability of the cell bank. On successful completion of all the quality control checks the cell line is allocated a unique catalogue number and included in the ECACC catalogue with the approval of the depositor. The cell line is then made available to the scientific community in a tightly controlled manner and supported by comprehensive data sheets. Promotion within our catalogue, website and other marketing materials encourages world-wide recognition and distribution.

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