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Culture Collections

How to Submit Catalogue Deposits


Just send us the following information for each cell culture to be deposited:

(a) A completed General Cell Collection Deposit Form (opens in new window)

(b) Any references or patent information associated with the development or use of the cell line


Following receipt of this information, ECACC will assess the Biohazard rating and Genetically Modified (GM) status of the cell line.

Before we can receive or collect new deposits ECACC will notify you of acceptance of your cell line(s).

How do I submit My Deposits to ECACC?

We strive to make the deposit of cell lines into the ECACC collections as easy as possible for you the depositor. Once you are notified by the Culture Collections / ECACC of acceptance of a cell line we will work with you to arrange transit of the cell line to ECACC. Please read the following guidelines which outline the practicalities and documentation required:

  1. Await confirmation of acceptance of your cell line(s). ECACC will then provide you with transportation instructions including information on how to package the cell line and the accompanying documentation required. We will also supply you with a box in which to package the cell line. Do not attempt to send cell lines prior to receipt of transportation instructions from ECACC. We will need to confirm the address where you would like the box sent to.
  2. All transport costs will be paid by ECACC. For deposits from within the UK ECACC will arrange collection of cell lines by our courier. For deposits from outside the UK ECACC will supply an account number in order for you to arrange collection of the package by a local courier.
  3. ECACC can accept frozen vials (e.g. volume 1 ml) or growing cultures in a 25cm2 flask.

Frozen Vials must be sent in a polystyrene insulated container provided by ECACC. This consists of a polystyrene box labelled with the return address and appropriate dry ice markings containing a document wallet, a 10 x 10 tray and a tray plan. You will be required to provide at least 8kg of dry ice (solid CO2) to completely fill the box.

Growing Cultures should be sent in 25cm2 non-vented flasks. Fill the flask to the neck with culture medium then ensure the lid is tightly fastened and wrapped with parafilm. Wrap each flask in sufficient absorbent material to hold the total volume of the culture media should leakage occur and place in a plastic bag. ECACC will provide a polystyrene box, labelled with the return address, containing polystyrene chips and a document wallet, for you to send the cells to ECACC.

  1. ECACC will assist with the documentation that should accompany the shipment by supplying templates and instructions on how to complete the documentation and where to affix this to the package. Documentation to be included in the shipment includes a Despatch Note, Commercial Invoice (outside of the European Union (EU)), Tray Plan (for frozen vials) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  2. Please note that deposits which are, or contain, animal pathogens require an import licence into the EU. Please allow 8 weeks for this process, and submit information requested by ECACC for licence applications as quickly as possible.
  3. For cell cultures classified as biosafety level 3 (ACDP 3) additional requirements must be met for transportation. Contact us for advice.
  4. Upon receipt of the cell culture(s), ECACC will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the cell line and provide a provisional reference number.

Culture Collections staff are here to ensure that the deposit of cell cultures into our collection is a trouble-free experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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