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Contract Cell Culture


ECACC's comprehensive Contract Cell Culture service combines more than 20 years experience, extensive cell culture expertise and a range of cell culture systems to carry out non-GMP cell culture contract projects in support of customers' research, development or production programmes

Whether your requirement is cell bulk, cell product, process development or scientific data, ECACC can help.


Available services include:

  • Large scale cell culture, up to 1011 cells per batch, to customer's specification, using 10 layer "Cell Factory"™ (Nunc) or "CellStack"™(Corning), 50L Biowave or multiple roller bottle processing (Cellon RC40™).
  • Perfused bed bioreactor production for secreted proteins
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cell growth profiling and characterisation
  • Evaluation of novel substrates
  • DNA and membrane preparation
  • Scale-down experiments in multi-well plates
  • Optimisation of cryopreservation

View a case study of contract cell banking work performed at ECACC to generate an Assay Ready Frozen Cell bank for a client.


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