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Mycoplasma detection by culture isolation

Often regarded as the gold standard method for mycoplasma detection, the culture isolation detection method uses a combination of selective growth media and incubation conditions to positively enrich for any mycoplasma present in a sample. Most mycoplasma contaminants can be detected by growth on standardised agar, with the exception of certain strains of M.hyorhinis.

Colonies of mycoplasma exhibit a distinctive "fried egg" morphology (see image) when viewed under a plate microscope. The assay requires a 28 day test interval before a definitive result can be obtained.


Mycoplasma colony

Colony of Acholeplasma laidlawii showing typical "fried egg" morphology.
Viewed under magnification


We offer the culture isolation method which meets FDA points to consider in characterisation of cell lines to produce biologicals (1993) as a service.

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