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Frequently Asked Questions: Virus 



I can’t find the virus I’m interested in on your website. Do you have it?

Send the details of what you’re looking for to our technical helpdesk or fill in the online form.


Why can’t I pay for virus products by credit card?

This is due to our security precautions for supplying restricted products. 


What cells can I propagate my virus culture in?

Permissive cell lines for a particular virus can be found in the published scientific literature. The cell line used by NCPV to prepare the virus batch in is detailed on the Certificate of Analysis, and linked to on the website catalogue listing under “Related Products”. All cell lines used in NCPV can be ordered from Culture Collections.


Is the RNA you provide quantitated?

Viral nucleic acid is available from all our products: RNA is provided in units of 400 µl DNA in units of 1 ml. We do not quantitate the RNA or DNA, but in most cases it is extracted from a known quantity of virus. Please contact the technical helpdesk with the details of what you are interested in, and we can provide you with the titre of the currently available virus batch.


What containment level should virus RNA and DNA be handled at? Does the hazard group of the live virus impact on this?

Viral nucleic acids are available to be researched on in ACDP Containment Level 2 Laboratories. This is not affected by the hazard group of the live virus benefiting the scientific communities with interests in Containment Level 3 and 4 pathogens. For additional information read the viral nucleic acids article.


How should I store the sample I receive?

Most viruses require rapid freezing and storage at -80°C as they are often heat sensitive and suffer damage in temperatures exceeding greater than -60°C. 


What should I do if the virus fails to grow?

Please contact the technical helpdesk to discuss probable reasons for failure of growth.

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